Why can't I recall my recliner module's memory position?

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When designing the most technologically advanced recliner systems, King Living has developed a unique way of ensuring the safety of users by introducing infrared safety shields. These shields detect any obstruction that could be interfering with the closure of a recliner.

Built around a steel frame structure lasting a life-time, our clever designs ensure that all soft cushioning as well as electrical components can easily be accessed and refurbished if required.

If a recliner is not closing, please ensure that nothing is obstructing the mechanism from closing. Typical obstructions could be caused by rugs, toys, shoes etc.

In case you are still encountering anomalies in the recliner functions, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the power plug is connected to a power socket and the switch is in the on position.
  2. Press and hold buttons 3 and 4 simultaneously for a full 15 seconds. NOTE: It's crucial to maintain contact with the buttons for the entire 15 seconds.


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